8-WEEK ONLINE COURSE: Heal Your Relationship with Food

Connect to your body & heal your food relationship

Regardless of what happens on the planet, we kinda gotta eat... it's part of the gig when you're human.

When you have a challenging history with food, it can be mentally and emotionally taxing just to get through each day, let alone achieve the body transformation you seek! It's more common to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Dare To Eat 2.0 was designed for those with the courage to rethink and reprogram the way they've approached food in the past, in order to create a balanced future in the body they love!

Let go of mental stress around food and guilt after eating. Reduce bloating, reclaim your sexy, discover your sovereignty, and get on your FOREVER PATH in your dream body.

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What you'll learn

Dare To Eat 2.0 comes with a handbook containing 26 journal exercises, 16 educational videos, 8 group coaching calls and one free 1:1 call with Garrett.

-Go deeper into your Self-

-Discover old mindset loops to reprogram-

-Deepen new neural pathways-

-Unstick yourself-

Disarm your inner critic

Ever wanted to get your inner mean-girl voice to shut the heck up?

The shadow voice will get louder until it gets heard. In this course you'll learn how to disarm the voice, let go of FEAR and experience more freedom in your life without the nagging voice telling you that you suck all day!

Identifying your inner critic gives you your power back because YOU ARE NOT that voice.

Uncover limiting beliefs

Are you that person who sets your alarm for the gym, oversleeps & then justifies it later? The more times you've said you were going to do something, & then failed to follow through leads to loss of integrity with yourself. No integrity = no self-trust.

So why do we fail to follow-through? Limiting beliefs! They live in your subconscious mind. They are in charge of your personal autopilot & we will reprogram them!

Mind - Body Counseling

A chasm occurs when we disconnect from our body out of fear. Whether that's from a trauma, or an avoidance of feeling our emotions, it will lead to an existence solely in the mind. Yet, our body has wisdom! Our mind can play tricks on us, like a computer game with one outcome. Through this part of the course you will learn how to speak from your body, letting your body's grievances, thoughts, & feelings be heard. When we reconnect the body and mind as a team, INTUITIVE EATING becomes possible!!!

Rewrite your food story

What is your food story?

"Carbs are the enemy?" or

"I can't have sugar after 6:35 p.m.?!"

We will take a look at the origins of your current food story, analyze them, & then rewrite a new story that aligns with your longterm future, supports your shorter-term goals, and helps foster your new way of being! Understanding how you really think about food is liberating! Not surprising, it's connected to your limiting beliefs!

Diagnose body image blindspots

In order to accomplish anything at work, we have to make sure our team is on board, right? In this part of the course we check in with your Mind-Body-Soul Team to see where the blindspots are on our mission. We use a questionnaire to quickly gather data on which parts of YOU are most unclear or unsupported.

Learn "future vision work"

When we're little, I don't think daydreaming is taught as a skill. We're typically taught what's possible, (based on the past) & not what we desire to create out of pure potential! Get excited to learn how to build the neural scaffolding week by week to support a future vision you create in Week 1. Gain clarity and trust in the dream body you desire. It's ALL possible!

Are YOU ready?

Ditch yo-yo dieting & emotional avoidance to walk your nutrition & wellness Forever Path!


For Dieter Who's Ready To Give Up...

...but still wants results! This program will provide masculine structure and new (science-based ways) to think about nourishment and intuitive eating for fat loss over time. But, a body change isn't the overarching goal. This program is not a "do this, eat this, not that" program. This is a course of deep self-exploration to uncover what got you stuck and how you can process emotions and tap into your feminine energy to change your behavior in a non-forceful way, leading you to transform your body, mind, spirit, and relationship with food.

“A diet is a temporary escape from reality...

...this program is a step forward into a new paradigm wherein YOU create your OWN reality... including how you are with food & what steps work for YOU to achieve a body & food relationship you love!

Coming from a science-based background with fitness & nutrition certifications, combined with a holistic mindset and deep studies in neuroscience, I believe the aforementioned is THE KEY to prolonged success and I'm here to teach you!"

Garrett Wood | CREATOR

A personal invitation...

to ditch the bandwagon!

This course was conceived 6 years ago, & over the years in coaching 1,000 people I realized using the science on "how-to" change wasn't enough. At the end of 2019 I took all of the learnings from my own disordered eating self-healing & all the experience coaching others onto their FOREVER PATH and birthed Dare To Eat 2.0.

This year, 2021: the online, group version is here!

Not sure this is for you? Hop on a clarity call with Garrett here.

A Word From Your Coach

“There are three major topics that deeply thread throughout this program:

Fear, Forgiveness, & Freedom.

This program guides you to moments of forgiveness of self and others to heal.

It expands you, to make room for more freedom than you've ever known, as it allows you to let go of fear in every exercise, every video and every group chat.

This program comes from my heart <3

My vision is to help all people walk their Forever Path fearlessly & self-loving, embodying all that is courage, to inspire friends and family to heal, & thus, the world!


Why wait? Start the course now & experience it with a group of powerful, determined people!

This program will NOT inherently inspire weight loss through any rigid means. Although, fat loss is often a side effect of becoming more aligned within ourselves. This course will lead you to take better intuitive care of your being.

Opt-in to 8 weeks' worth of content.

Choose a group format and become surrounded by supportive others.

Decide to ditch the dieting game of cat and mouse and begin to heal...

...your forever body, your stress-free food relationship & your true-self are waiting!

$2,999 $2,222


See what past DTE 2.0 Clients have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I am so excited to keep going and actually asking myself “do I want this?” Before an action. It’s so empowering! I would never have gotten here without your coaching me time get uncomfortable & confront my past mistakes or actions and I am so appreciative of that & you.
In choosing myself I am ready to incorporate me into my fitness & wellness plans instead of just being in my head about it & thinking of it as a transaction or just a to do list of things that I have no relationship with.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Despite being told to eat MORE, fast forward 12 weeks and I put on my wedding dress and finally had a bridal moment I wanted. I love who Garrett has helped me become physically, mentally and emotionally."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"A lifestyle change is not a diet. It’s about small incremental changes that are sustainable and add up over time. A quick fix is not what I’m after. If I can’t sustain it it’s not worth my energy. 

I am worthy of being comfortable in my body and accept it as it is today."